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him, knowing that the movements of the entire
herd depended on what he did.

When we had approached to within about five
hundred yards of the herd, our braves began to
make little noises, so that the horses could see us
in the distance and would not be taken by surprise
and frightened into a stampede at seeing us sud-
denly at closer range,

'Hoh! HohP our braves grunted softly. The
steel-dust stallion uttered a low whinny, and all
the herd raised their heads high into the air and,
standing perfectly still as though charmed, looked
intently over at us with their big, nervous nostrils
wide open. They stood that way for moments,
without moving a muscle^ looking hard at us.
Then, as we came too near, the burly stallion
tried to put fear into us by dashing straight at us
with a deep, rasping roar.

Others followed him, and on they came like a
yelling war party, their heads swinging wildly,
their racing legs wide apart, and their long tails
lashing the ground like faggots of steel wire.
But before they reached us the speeding animals
stiffened their legs and came to a sudden halt in
a cloud of dust. While they were close they took
one more good look at us, and then they turned
and scampered away with the rest of the herd,
which had already begun to retreat over the brow
of the mountain.